It was created for the only purpose To facilitate a life of studying youth. However, and for a writing of proceedings it becomes quite good help. Let’s get acquainted with it more close, we will consider.

Even at installation Disser will ask to fill you the form (fig. 1) which data will be used at a writing of your works.

Fig. 1. Specify the requisites

Now it is not necessary to care of correct filling and title page registration. Right after installations in main menu Word one more point (fig. 2), corresponding to the package name is added. With its help adjustment of a package and the majority of operations of formatting is made. Additional points in the contextual menu appearing at click on the text by the right key of themouse are besides, added.

Fig. 2. New point of the menu

The package contains some templates Essay, «the Label on a diskette», Statement and Tablet. Thus, for creation of the essay it is necessary for you to choose in the menu File to Create, «the General templates» appeared window to choose Essay and to click on button ??. You will politely ask your name, a name of the supervisor of studies, an essay theme then before you the essay template in which it is necessary to type only the basic text will appear, using offered styles.

Template appointment «the Label on a diskette» is visible from the name. Having chosen this template and having filled the simple form (fig. 3), you receive a nice label. It is remarkable, that on it it is possible to arrange the list of the files which are on a diskette. At click in the field Files sideways there is a button «to Consider from a diskette».


Fig. 3. A label on a diskette

Correctly to print the statement addressed to the principal the template Statement will help, and to make beautiful tablets A template Tablet (fig. 4). So if you work in trade sphere, these templates too will be useful to you.

Fig. 4. We create beautiful tablets

Now about styles. In English-speaking texts alignment by a left edge is accepted. Russian words are longer English, therefore Russia alignment on width and arrangement of carryings over is used. The font of 14 points, set, as a rule, is applied to the press of documents. In Russia the space (1,6 see in accordance with GOST) is used, and in America paragraphs separate intervals. GOST provides certain fields of page, alignment of headings on the centre (in Word They are levelled by a left edge), intervals before and after headings. Imposition rules order to avoid trailing lines, not to tear off headings from the subsequent text, not to break off their end of page and not to transfer a word in headings. At localisation Word all these features have not been considered. Certainly, it is possible to establish independently demanded parametres of registration, but to do it each time inconveniently. The problem is solved by change of template Normal, as has been made by the author of a package.

In scientific works often there is a necessity of creation of the trailer list of the literature. Specially for these purposes Disser contains the set of macroowls strongly simplifying preparation of the list of the literature.

Besides, the package contains for an insert and registration of drawings, as standard possibility Insert Name also mismatches STATE THAT.

And still there is a complex of the means simplifying typing. For example, at input of an opening bracket automatically it is entered and closing. And the cursor will automatically be established between them. The Same occurs both to braces and with inverted commas. Disser also can add a blank after punctuation marks.

Remember autoreplacement function in Word It is calculated on correction of widespread typing errors. In the given package this function is considerably expanded. Now it is capable to replace reductions with full words (un y on university), and the list of reductions leans against reductions of the Big Soviet Encyclopedia.

All is directed on acceleration of input of the text. And speed, really, rather increases.

Specially for those who uses till now Microsoft Word 97, Converter Rus the Armour »is added«. He rectifies an error when the text is casually entered not in that apportion of the keyboard.

On it utility do not come to an end. Disser allows to change not documentary parametres. For example, to replace heading of window Word 97, to save a place in program heading at work with the documents having long names.

Also in options Disser it is possible to include configuration preservation at an exit (fig. 5). And then at opening Word earlier open files will be always loaded. 

Fig. 5. A window of adjustment Disser

And now attention! It is devoted to all by that who does not know how to write my essay. The package structure includes the methodical grant «How to write the essay». And it yet all! The package includes the extensive collection of councils about work with Microsoft Word.

Here such unique package. Once it having established, you do not understand any more lives without it. So it is convenient and useful.

It extends, by the way, free of charge. So swing and enjoy.