So, access to the computer is received, the student has entered into the Internet. The majority of the Ukrainian students say, that usually they precisely know, what sort the information is necessary to them, and search for it by means of key phrases in search systems like, It is interesting, that any of them has not mentioned the Ukrainian search systems. It is difficult to tell, whether the reason of it is in an advertising lack, whether that many Ukrainian sites work a little bit more slowly and is worse the Russian. Some students constantly trace the information on their interesting web pages. For example, Julia studying political science in the SCIENCE, often looks through official sites of the Supreme Rada and the United Nations. Other Kiev student-economist for the work on the international corporations carried out monitoring of the French sites specialising on the commercial information.

The same as in the library, frequently that book which is extremely necessary to you, appears on hands or in general lost, and on the Internet often enough necessary site or its any part can not be loaded for the different technical reasons or not contain all necessary data. Students as in Ukraine, and abroad, usually address for the help to service of technical support of web page if it does not work, go to library and search for that is necessary for them, an “antiquated” method – in books.


In history of mutual relations of students and the World information network there is one more interested party – teachers. Whether they approve practice of use of the Internet as a source of the information for course, research papers, essays and so forth? Similar, Ukrainian high school teachers have appeared in this question more liberal and “advanced”, than their colleagues in the West. The Ukrainian students did not name any case when their professor would object against references to the Internet sources in student’s work. Objections which are put forward by teachers of the western high schools, are that: first, the necessary site can not open or is simple already stop the existence by then when the teacher will want to check up, say, any citation in work of the student. Secondly, “inventive” students can simply invent the site name, make the information up, and then refer that the site, obviously, does not exist any more. At last, one student has put forward a courageous hypothesis: many professors write and publish books, and, naturally, prefer, that students bought these books and wrote works with their help, thereby bringing the contribution to the income of the professor from sale of its books. Perhaps, still it would be possible to believe in it, if not one circumstance: the student was not able to write correctly the name of own work on the title page. It is easy to guess, that course it has simply downloaded all other part from the Internet. The majority of the Ukrainian students interrogated by us have told, that know about existence of similar practice, and for it addresses of Internet sites where it is possible to download work on any theme are known, however they of it never did. Let alone the moral reasons, ready works offered on such sites more often very much poor quality. For example, the essay on history of the Great Britain during the post-war period was obvious compiled of old Soviet textbooks and branded «rotting English capitalism and colonialism» how much in vain. Other work – research of the British educational system, written in English – has on closer examination appeared with set grammatical and even spelling errors. From the interrogated western students only one of county University knew Surrey about the similar sites, however any details could not inform. Having undertaken independent research through search systems, we have found out, that specialised “dishonest” sites on the English-speaking Internet or are not present, or they are very well hidden. However practically all universities with pride spread on official a web – sites of work of the best students which for certain it is possible to copy and give out for the (probably so Kiev student already known to us with course on the ethnopolitician has arrived).

Occurrence of essentially new mass media – the Internet – has caused occurrence of new possibilities, and at the same time new problems. And, as it is visible, problems and advantages of the Worldnet are approximately identical to students all over the world. While professors and journalists discuss, those innovations which were brought during our life by the Internet are good or bad, students simply use this new convenient tool for the researches and soon, likely, it will be difficult to present to itself, that once people got education, never having sat down for the computer and not having typed «www…»