As the title page of the dissertation and a cover of the author’s essay you should look can look hardly more low on this page or in Appendices 6 and 8 to Position about dissertational council and Appendices 4, 5 to a site Institute of the competitor of a scientific degree and an academic status.

How many dissertation copies are necessary

Now to steam of words about that, how many dissertation copies are necessary. Consider.

The first copy in the Russian state library;

In library of that organisation where you are protected;

To the supervisor of studies (or to supervisors of studies, if them at you two);

In the leading organisation;

To opponents (variants here are possible, sometimes opponents kindly return you the dissertation);

8 copies, if at you one supervisor of studies and 9 – if them at you two turn out. But at modern level of multiplying technics and its availability it is not difficult. Recollect those madmen whom about 15 years ago and earlier when to print it was possible only on machines.

Keep in mind also, that if your organisation in a condition to give you possibility to multiply the dissertation or to print the author’s essay free of charge you need to have a sufficient stock of time. Usually free using something demands a quantity of bureaucratic procedures – to sign any papers confirming your right on free, – and chiefs not always can be found at once on a place.

That is necessary for dissertation representation in Council

That the scientific secretary of Dissertational Council has accepted at you documents to representation of the dissertation to protection are necessary the following:

1. Your personal application for admission of the dissertation to protection by this Council, handwritten.

2. A personal leaf on a registration of personnel, assured in a work place (2 copies).

3. Notarially certified copy of the diploma about higher education.

4. The certificate of a passing examinations of a candidate minimum.

5. The dissertation.

6. The conclusion of that organisation where work was carried out, about its representation to protection.

7. Some stationery: I any more do not remember them, in my opinion, two folders-folders, two big envelopes (?5) and post cards with the addresses written on them. All to you is better for specifying it at the Secretary.

8. The autobiography.

9. Data about the leading organisation, your official opponents and the supervisor of studies. As to the leading organisation its name is necessary only. About opponents and the supervisor of studies following data are necessary:

Surname, name, patronymic;

Scientific degree and rank;

Number and date of delivery of the diploma about scientific degree assignment (I advise to you at once still to learn both the name and the code number of a speciality of opponents, it is required to you at official registration of papers already after protection);

Nameplate data: the address on which person; it is registered, a date of birth (number, month, year), a series and passport number when also it is given out by what police station.

Look also the List of the documents represented by the competitor in Dissertational Council. There are some distinctions. I list those documents which from me have really demanded.

And here at last Council has accepted your dissertation to protection. Learn, your protection can be appointed to what day: there can be a turn from interested persons to be protected, or Council will not sit some time, for example, because of a vacation. “Choosing” day of protection you should mean the following:

The author’s essay should be dispatched not later than a month before protection (at the moment of dissertation representation in its Council at you can not be in general);

Responses of opponents should be dated number not later than 2 weeks before protection or to be in general without date.

The addition sent by Olga: I Wish to add, that when you come to the Academic council it is necessary at the technical secretary (I do not know, how in technical councils, but in in medical it so) to take samples of all documents. It needs to be made because like would correct are identical to everything, but in concrete council can demand, for example, that pages of responses have been numbered below, to demand responses of reviewers from approbation (and them by position it is not required), that daddies were dark blue colour and to that similar anywhere not described (and by and large not necessary) things.

From myself I will explain, that as approbation at physicians is called the report in the leading organisation.

Dissertation writing

How to dispatch the author’s essay

Now you should be engaged in author’s essay dispatch. The list of dispatch to you will be given by the Secretary of Council. Here its approximate variant, but it is a little useful (basically, addresses of libraries) as the list is individual for each Council, and, besides, at you will be own – you it discuss the additional list of dispatch with the supervisor of studies, it will depend on a theme of your dissertation. At the Secretary and at the supervisor of studies it is possible to take an interest how many author’s essay copies it is necessary to print (in my case was 60, in printing house to me too have told, that basically all print so much).

That at you it should be ready to the moment of dispatch of the author’s essay.

First, you should have a necessary quantity of copies of the author’s essay signed by the Secretary of Council;

Secondly, you should have a printed list of dispatch (not that sample who to you is given by the Secretary of Council, and yours: with your surname and the name of your dissertation), signed by the Secretary. With this list and the author’s essays enclosed in envelopes with addresses written on them, you will go to forwarding department of your organisation. They will stamp the list of dispatch and all will send, or the list will stamp, and will send all for the money. I explain so in detail for the following reason. Even if to you have told, that expedition does not dispatch author’s essays in the absence of money, to stamp the list go there. On usual city mail I had problems (demanded still any list, and mad money wanted for each envelope).

You should have a copy of the dissertation, which you will carry in library, as soon as will dispatch the author’s essay (remember a phrase on a cover underside: “it is possible to familiarise With the dissertation in library…”). Together with the dissertation in library it is necessary to carry and the author’s essay.

7 copies of the author’s essay, faculty under seal (or institute), you give to the Secretary of Council. The quantity of copies can be another, and this point is usually provided in the dispatch list.

Something about responses of the leading organisation and official opponents

Now you should receive responses of the leading organisation and official opponents. If precisely to observe a bureau procedure you owe to each of them bring the letter signed by the Chairman of Dissertational Council with the request to give a response on your dissertation. But these letters are required not always, whether therefore or can take them from the secretary of Council “just in case” or take an interest at first in the leading organisation and at opponents letters are necessary to them. In my case such letter was required only in the leading organisation.

The response conducting the organisations (sample) should be confirmed the head of the organisation (in my case it was the Director of Institute) and is fastened by an official stamp.

Responses of opponents (sample) should be signed them and also are fastened by an official stamp.

In some Councils demand the session report in the opposing organisation on which your report listened with delight.

Besides, often author of dissertation himself personally receives responses on the author’s essay.

In many places it is accepted, that behind a response the author of dissertation came with “fish” – a draught variant of a response. The writing of “fishes” – and them is necessary at least three – perhaps the most unpleasant part of paper work. After you write the dissertation and the author’s essay, at you the standard phrases verified by you characterising your work most likely “will sit down” at a head, and will distract from them difficultly. And it is necessary to write responses so that in them it was possible to correct nothing. Most likely opponents and representatives of the leading organisation there will correct something and will add, but it is unessential. The only thing that seems to me reasonable – to write draught copies of responses together with introduction in the dissertation when “phrases-cliches” yet have not become boring.

Of what it is necessary to take care before protection

Directly ahead of protection (for a day, for two, for three, it it is possible earlier) it will be necessary for you

To print bulletins for voting or to fill ready forms which to you will be given by the Secretary of Council;

To make and unpack the Conclusion under your dissertation which members of Council will confirm after you be protected. An approximate kind of the conclusion to me to find it was not possible, classification signs of the dissertation which it is necessary to specify in the conclusion can be found here, and the general words about that what it should be in point 35 of Position on an award order to scientific and scientific and pedagogical workers of scientific degrees and assignments to science officers of academic statuses.

Bulletins and Conclusion copies there should be as much how many members of Council.

Concerning classification signs of the dissertation Lyudmila has written in the guest book on June, 2nd, 2001 at 10:03:44 the following:

Several days ago has defended the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of medical sciences (It is congratulated! – G.Petrovskaja). For visitors of a page I hasten to inform, that to general pleasure of members of Dissertational Council have cancelled classification signs for master’s theses and now it is not necessary to write them in the project of the conclusion and in the inquiry on delivery of the diploma of the candidate of sciences.

During the report any means most likely will be necessary for you to show slides, propupils or something else. Think of them in advance. Find out, who establishes them in an audience (it can be learnt from the Secretary of Council) and warn this person. In my case it needed to be made for half an hour before protection. As it occurs in that organisation and in that Council where you are protected take an interest that before report not to be nervous in this occasion.

I think, that you will have a possibility to read responses some days prior to protection. Most likely opponents will give them to you at personal meeting. There will be remarks contain. Think over the answers to them in advance and write down. Remember that except the answer as a matter of fact remarks the form with which you invest this answer is very important. Record of answers will give the chance to “grind” this form.

When you after protection will prepare documents for VAKa for you the shorthand report of session of Council is required. For this purpose there is a stenographer, she writes down all. But the stenographer most likely not the expert in your area also writes all on hearing, therefore happens it is useful to ask colleagues who will come for you to “be ill” to write down questions which to you will set. Answers then write.

Official registration of papers for VAK

At last you were protected and even have celebrated this event.

But formally the candidate you become only after VAK will confirm this fact and will give out you the diploma. And for this purpose it is necessary to make still some papers. It is a lot of them, but is pleasant what now to keep within any terms to you it is not necessary. Better certainly to make all faster, but now it already your private affair.

The second not stitched copy of the dissertation signed by the author on the title page;

The author’s essay signed by the author, the scientific secretary, under seal faculty;

Registration card of the dissertation signed by the chairman of council, the dean, fastened by an official stamp. The form of a card to you is given by the secretary of council, it is necessary to fill it on the machine, to print in certain fields the corresponding information. Unpleasantly that on the printer you will not fill, it is necessary to search for the machine. For filling of this card you should know the full and reduced name, what ministry concerns, the post address, phone and an organisation fax in which you performed work and that in which were protected. Surnames and the initials of the supervisor of studies and opponents, and also their speciality (on which they have a scientific degree) and code numbers of specialities are necessary still. If know a speciality, but do not know the code number, look the list of Dissertational Councils of the Moscow State University, can be will find there.

The covering letter signed by the secretary.

In the Russian state library you send

The bound copy of the dissertation;

The author’s essay signed by the author, the scientific secretary, under seal faculty;

Small registration card (the secretary gives, fill, there all is simple: a surname, the dissertation name)

To the secretary you bring receipts from mail that these documents are sent. You also bring the shorthand report of session of an academic council printed with you.