To begin with let’s be defined with exact definition of a word the essay.

First of all the Essay – the essay is the form of training, an information transfer at schools and high school. The essay this written creation, volume from several pages to several heads, a summary of the maintenance of the book or the read story or article.

The essay the publication represents, is short stating essence of an opened theme

One more word meaning “essay” – the short explanatory and the writing, the passed material.

Like with concept have settled, let’s try understand an essence the essay and the purposes of its writing!

And so, the essay should give to the reader the short description about subjects of described work, results of the spent work or experiment.

It will be not dependent on that on what subjects the essay, whether it be the essay on economy, or on the physicist, or even the essay about shoe infusorians in a subject Biology is written, in the essay it is necessary to state is short an essence of subjects of the most shined theme or a question.


Distinguish two kinds of essays: productive and reproductive. The reproductive essay reproduces the maintenance of the primary text. Productive contains creative or critical judgement of a reviewed source.

Reproductive essays can be divided into two kinds: the essay-essay and the essay-resume. The Essay-essay contains the actual information in the generalised kind, illustrations, various data on research methods, results of research and possibilities of their application. The Essay-resume contains only substantive provisions of the given theme.

And in productive essays the essay-report and the essay-review are allocated. The Essay-review is made on the basis of several sources and compares the various points of view on the given question. In the essay-report along with the analysis of the information of the primary source, there is an objective estimation of a problem; this essay has the developed character.

That is at an essay writing, it is required competently basic ideas on the set theme.

Its essence consists what to choose the key moments from seen or read and is compressed it to transfer.

Essays are written and set on numerous subjects, also to it is shown least requirements to a writing or quality of work.

At a writing of the essay or the small report, it is necessary with as it is possible is better, without a distortion of a meaning to use the recommended literature.

And now I will explain to you from what the essay or disclosing of the set theme in the report consists simply.

The essay registration, one of important aspects in work. Competent registration, considerably influences an essay estimation.

At each your written work or the essay which you are going to write there is a small plan, a table of contents on another.

That it became extremely clear to the simple reader as on what page is.

Each work has some logic parts:

Introduction, the basic part and the conclusion.

When you start to a writing, you as always begin with Introduction. Introduction is short digression or the story about that that it is necessary to read to your reader further.

The basic part is main the essay as in this part the sense of the set theme reveals. It can sometimes be as the uniform monolithic text, and to consist of several heads. Will refer not superfluous also in the basic part both to a table of contents and on the conclusion.

Well here, we also have reached, and to a final part!

In conclusion of your manuscript, I would recommend to you to formulate the general result of the spent work, and do not forget about the list of the used literature and sources!

Now it is safely possible to sit down and write the first essay!

Good luck, I sincerely hope that my article will help you!