Included here is the Greater Antilles (Cuba, Jamaica, Hispanola and Puerto Rico), the Lesser Antilles (including Montserrate, Dominica, St Lucia, St Vincent and Grenado), the Bahamas, Bermuda and the southern tropical part of the Florida Peninsula.

West Indian Marsh Forest

In Jamaica these are mainly limited to the upper reaches of the Black River. Their closed canopy reaches to a height of about 10 m and is usually dominated by the hog gum Symphonia globulifera, which exudes a yellow gum from its aerial roots when cut. Marsh palms are also common including Calyptronoma swartzii and the endemic Roystonea princeps (Arecaceae), while other trees include Calophyllum jacquinii, Haematoxylon campechianum, Piscidium piscipula, Spondias monbin and the endemic Grias caulifera (Lecythidaceae). Aroides and orchids dominate the rich epiphytic flora but bromeliads are rare.

West Indian Marsh Palm Forest

Forests dominated by the palm genus Prestoea are found on a number of Caribbean islands including Dominica, Grenada, Nevis, Puerto Rico, St Kitts, St Vincent and the larger islands of the Greater Antilles. They are mainly confined to marshy or waterlogged areas. In the Luquillo Mountains of Puerto Rico they are dominated by the endemic palm Prestoea montanus (Arecaceae). Other associated trees are mainly endemic species such as Antirhea obtusifolia (Rubiaceae), Byrsonima wadsworthii (Malpighiaceae), Calycogonium squamulosum (Melastomataceae), Cordia borinquensis (Boraginaceae), Croton poecilanthus (Euphorbiaceae), Dacryodes excelsa (Burseraceae), Eugenia boringuensis (Myrtaceae), Meliosma herbertii (Sabiaceae), Micropholis chrysophylloides (Sapotaceae), Ocotea spathulata (Lauraceae), Sloanea berteriana (Elaeocarpaceae), Tabebuia rigida (Bignonaceae) and Ternstroemia heptasepala (Theaceae).  Vines are present in small numbers but include several endemic species such as Marcgravia sintenisii (Marcgraviaceae), Philodendron scandens (Araceae) and Securidaca virgata (Polygalaceae. Ground layer herbs are also infrequent but include endemic taxa like Erythrodes plantaginea (Orchidaceae), Pilea krugerii (Urticeae), Piper swartzianum (Piperaceae), Selaginella krugii (Selaginellaceae) and ferns such as the endemic Thelypteris detoidea (Thelypteridaceae).


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