Included here is the island of Tasmania and its associated islands.

Tasmanian Sedgefields

Sedgefields dominated by Carpha alpina, Oreobolus oumilio and Uncinnia flaccida (Cyperaceae) occur on all of the higher mountains of Tasmania. They occupy soils that are occasionally waterlogged but may dry out during dry summers.  Their swards may be closed or open but are often dotted with various dwarf shrubs such as Hakea lissocarpus, Lissanthe montana, Olearia algida and the endemic Pernettya tasmanica (Ericaceae). Cushion plants may also be present especially Pimelea pygmea and the endemic Abrotanella fostorioides (Asteraceae). At lower altitudes, sedges may be less dominant and, in fact, Astelia alpina of the Liliaceae is the dominant species over extensive areas of waterlogged soils often forming pure stands.


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