Included here is the Indus Plain comprising the Province of Sind (Pakistan), the plains of Punjab, the Thar Desert, Hariana, western Rajasthan and Northern Gujarat.

Sindian Phragmites-Typha-Saccharum Wetland

On the banks of the Nara Canal in the Nara Desert these wetlands are dominated by Phragmites karka, Typha elephantina and Saccharum bengalense. Other frequently encountered species include Brachiaria eruciformis, Cyperus difformis, C. iria, C. rotundus, Fimbristylis acuminata, Oxystelma esculentum and Populus euphratica. Less common taxa are Alysicarpus scariosus, Bergia aestivosa, Corchorus trilocularis, Cucumis melo var. agrestis, Dichanthium annulatum, Echinochloa crusgalli, Eclipta prostrata, Hydrilla verticillata, Ipomaea eriocarpa, Launaea procumbens, Persicaria barbata, Phyla nodiflora, Phyllanthus reticulatus, Rhynchosia minima, Sesbania bispinosa and Solanum surattense.


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