Afroalpine Carex Bog

In the lower, more level parts of the afroalpine belt where drainage is impeded there are bogs dominated by endemic, tussock-forming sedges.  The main dominants are either Carex monostachya or C. runssoroensis (Cyperaceae), but the habitat is given a strange appearance by the presence of endemic giant lobelias (Campanulaceae). As the main sub-dominants these include Lobelia bequaertii on Ruwenzori, L. elgonensis on Elgon, L. sattimae of Aberdare and L. deckenii on Kilimanjaro. Other endemic plants may include Kenichloa chionogeiton (Poaceae), Luzula abyssinica, L. johnstonii (Juncaceae), Ranunculus stagnalis, R. volkensii (Ranunculaceae), Romulea keniensis (Iridaceae), Sagina afroalpina (Caryophyllaceae), Senecio transmarinus (Asteraceae) and Subularia monticola (Brassicaceae).  The lower layers, however, are mainly dominated by sphagna and other bryophytes including endemic species such as Meesia kenyae and Scapania hedbergii on Mt Kenya, and Sematophyllum elgonense on Elgon.  


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