Included here is the area of southwestern Dahomey, southern Nigeria, western Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, most of Gaban and western Congo. Semi-deciduous forests are restricted but can be found, for example, in the Campo-Ma’an area, but the relative proportions of evergreen and deciduous elements vary from place to place. In the eastern parts, the forests are characterized by a discontinuous canopy with large open areas often covered by the regionally endemic herb Haumania danckelmaniana (Marantaceae) and the regionally endemic rattans Calamus deerratus, Laccosperma opacum and Oncocalamus mannii (Arecaceae). The irregular canopy trees include the endemic Dacryodes buettneri (Burseraceae) and a number of regionally endemic species such as Celtis tessmannii (Ulmaceae), Coula edulis (Olacaceae), Distemonanthus benthamianus, Pentaclethra macrophylla, Stachyothyrsus staudtii (Fabaceae), Lophira alata (Ochnaceae), Petersianthus macrocarpus (Lecythidaceae), Pterygota macrocarpa, Triplochiton scleroxylon (Sterculiaceae), Pycnanthus angolensis (Myristicaceae) and Tabernaemontana crassa (Apocynaceae).


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