Included here are the Caroline Islands, Mariana Islands, Marshall Islands, Gilbert Islands, Ellice Islands, Phoenix Islands, Tokelau Islands, Baker Island, Banaba Island, Howland Island, Nauru Island and Wake Island.

There is little doubt that the coastal plains and slopes up to an altitude of about 300 m on all the volcanic islands of the Carolinas were once covered in tropical rain forest. The largest continuous stands today are found on Pohnpei, but there are also remnants on the west coast of Babeldaob, on the north coast of Arakabesang in the Belau group, on the upper slopes of Kosrae and on the low mountains of Chuuk. Many of the forest trees had great-buttressed trunks clothed in epiphytic ferns and orchids. Characteristic tree genera included Aidia, Calophyllum, Campnosperma, Clinostigma, Cynometra, Dysoxylum, Elaeocarpus, Eugenia, Fagraea, Ficus, Horsfieldia, Ptychosperma, Parinari, Pittosporum, Semecarpus and Sysygium. Many of the remaining species are endemic to Micronesia. In the remnant forest on Chuuk the two endemic species Schefflera kraemeri (Araliaceae) and Semecarpus kraemeri (Anacardiaceae) are now considered endangered.


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