Included here are the forests of Hainan Island in South China. They can be divided onto typical lowland rainforest and evergreen monsoon forest.

Hainanian Lowland Rainforest

Typical examples of subtropical lowland rainforests are located in the moderate tropical climate areas of the southeast and in the southwestern mountainous areas, and can be found, for example, in the valleys of the Bawang, Diaoluo, Jianfeng, Jiaxi and Niushang mountains. These tall forests have an elaborate vertical structure with several strata and a wealth of tree species. In a survey covering 1000 m 2 there were 249 species exceeding 1.5 m in height belonging to 58 families and 147 genera. The main trees included Tarrietia parvifolia and the endemic Adinandra hainanensis (Theaceae), Homalium hainanense (Salicaceae) and Podocarpus imbricatus (Podocarpaceae).

Hainanian Evergreen Monsoon Forest

These are the most extensive of Hainan’s forest types distributed mainly in the hills, tablelands and piedmonts in the northern part of the island. They range in height from 20-25 m and usually have two tree layers. The main upper canopy trees include Gironnieva cuspidata and the endemic Vatica hainanensis (Dipterocarpaceae), while common sub-canopy trees are Baccaurea remiflora and the endemic Garcinia oblongiflora (Clusiaceae). Other evergreen trees include Diospyros potingensis and the endemic Meyna hainanensis (Rubiaceae). At ground level sapling such as Bridelia balansae and Lindera glutinosa are common. 


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