Included here is the forests of the Congo Basin, eastern Nigeria, eastern Cameroon and the islands of the Gulf of Guinea (Fernando Po, Principe, Sae Tome and Annobon).

These forests, as expected, are extremely rich, but species composition varies. In the Bakossi area and along the Mungo River common canopy trees include Allanblackia floribunda, Berlinia bracteosa, Diospyros mannii, Eriocoelum macrocarpum, Hylodendron gabonensis, Klainedoxa gabonensis, Microcos coriacea, Octoknema affinis, Oxystigma gibertii, Panda oleosa, Quassia sivestris, Scottellia klaineana, Stromposa grandiflora, Tetrapleura tetraptera and the endemic Loesenera talbotii (Fabaceae). The main emergent species are Baillonella toxisperma, Ceiba pentandra and Desbordesia glaucescens. Surprisingly, these forests also include a number of monotypic stands a phenomenon normally associated of temperate forests. The main species forming these mono-stands are Gilbertiodendron dewevrei and Loesenera talbotii. Among the species rich shrub layer common species include Antidesma laciniatum, Crotonogyne preussii, Discoclaoxylon hexandrum, Erythrococca anomala, Glossocalyx brevipes, Massularia acuminata, Tricalysia gossweileri and the endemic Pavetta rigida (Rubiaceae) and Psychotria leptophylla (Rubiaceae). Lianas are also abundant with species like Atractyogyne gabonica, Cissampelos owariensis, Jateorhiza macrantha, Lavigeria macrocarpa, Microcos barombiensis and Terenna fusco-flava. Common herbs are Anchomanes difformis, Commelina capitata, Cyanastrum cordifolium, Dorstenia ciliata, Nephthytis poissonii, Palisota barteri and Stenandrium guineense. Other endemic plants found here include Cyprus microcristatus (Cyperaceae), Diospyros kupensis (Ebenaceae), Ossiculum aurantiacum (Orchidaceae), Psydrax bridsoniana (Rubiaceae) and Stelechantha arcuata (Rubiaceae).


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