Included here are the lowlands and semi-uplands associated with the Caucasus Mountains.

Caucasian Steppe Meadow

Steppe vegetation is only characteristic of the dryer eastern areas but good natural examples are now confined to relatively small areas such as the in the Vashlovani Reserve in Kiziki. These are forb-rich grasslands that can grow to about 1 m in height. The dominant grass species here is Botriochloa (Andropogon) chaemum, but several feather grasses, such as Stipa pulcherrima, are also common. These grasslands undergo a continuing flora metamorphosis during the growing season, mainly from April to June. Early forbs are initially replaced by taller forbs and these eventually give way to the dominant species of summer. Among the rich forb assemblage are many endemic species such as Bellevalia wilhelmsii (Liliaceae), Dianthus inamoenus (Caryophyllaceae), Malabaila sulcata (Apiaceae), Muscari caucasicum (Liliaceae), Onosma armeniaca (Boraginaceae), Polygala transcaucasica (Polygalaceae), Scutellaria orientalis (Lamiaceae), Seseli grandivittatum (Apiaceae) and Thymus serpyllacea (Lamiaceae).


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