Included here is semi-arid region of Patagonia in southern Argentina. Its northern boundary reaches the Rio Negro in the west and the Rio Colorada in the east, while its southern boundary extends to the northern parts of Tierra del Fuego.

Patagonian Saltmarsh

On the Atlantic coast of Patagonia from San Blas Bay to Rio Grande the saltmarshes are mainly dominated by one or two of just four dominant species, and can be broadly divided into Spartina  marsh, in which Spartina alterniflora, S. densiflora or S. longispica may dominate, or Sarcocornia perennis marsh. Most of the marshes are characterised by vast monospecfic stands of Sarcocornia perennis which gives way to small-scattered patches of other species in places including fleshy bushes of Atriplex, Limonium (including L. brasiliense) and Suaeda. Spartina marshes are mainly associated with rocky substrata and these mainly comprise pure stands of either Spartina alterniflora or S. densiflora.


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