Included here is sub-antarctic Chile together wih a series of associated islands including the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Islands, South Sandwich Islands, South Orkney Islands and South Shetland Islands. Its southern boundary extends to the Antarctic Peninsula and its associated islands including the small island of Neny.

Magellanic Salt Marsh

In the steppe region of Tierra del Fuego (part of the Magellanic steppe) coastal saline zones have been divided into salt shrublands, saltmarsh and salt carpet. 

Salt Shublands
Characterised by shrub Lepidophyllum cupressiformis these stands occurred on relatively dry soils and sand deposits in both estuarine and lacustrine zones. Other typical species included Azorella filamentosa, Azorella monantha, Azorella trifurcata, Armeria maritima, Carex macrosolen, Colobanthus subulatus, Deschampsia patula, Festuca gracillima, Hordeum lechleri, Hordeum pubiflorum, Lepidium pseudo-didymus, Phleum alpinum, Plantago maritima, Poa pratensis, Poa spiciformis, Taraxacum officinale, Trisetum spicatum, and the endemic or near endemic Acaena magellanica, Alopecurus magellanicus, Azorella fueguiana, Puccinellia magellanica and Puccinellia pusilla.

These grass dominated saltmarsh are characterised by Hordeam lechleri and species of Pucciniellia including the endemic Puccinellia magellanica and Puccinellia pusilla. They are mainly located where water discharges into playas in the Tertiary zones or adjacent to small lakes and swales on the upper tidal plains. Associated species include Armeria maritima, Azorella filamentosa, Azorella monantha, Colobanthus subulatus, Deschampsia antarctica, Deschampsia patula, Hordeum lechleri, Hordeum pubiforum, Juncus scheuchzerioides, Lepidophyllum cupressiforme, Lepidium pseudo-didymus, Plantago maritima, Poa atropidiformis, Poa spiciformis, Rumex crispissimus, Sarcocarnia perennis, Taraxacum officinale, Trisetum spicatum and the endemic or near endemic Carex vallis-pulchrae, Eriachaenium magellanicum, Puccinellia magellanica and Puccinellia pusilla.

Salt carpet
This is described as a prostrate community dominated by the succulent halophyte Sarcocornia perennis and characteristically found on low intertidal salt flats. Associated species include Armeria maritima, Hordeum lechleri, Hordeum pubiforum, Poa atropidiformis, Puccinellia biflora, Sedum acre and the endemic or near endemic Puccinellia magellanica and Puccinellia pusilla.


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