Included here is a zone that extends from the northwest and northern parts of the Iberian Peninsula (including the Pyrenees) north to include Great Britain and Ireland and on to the western shores of Norway as far north as the islands of Hitra and Froga. On the European mainland the Armorican Massif, the Aquitanian and Parisian Basins, the Central Massif, and most of the German lowlands are included.

Atlantic European Saltmarsh

Many of the sheltered estuaries support marshes of halophytic (salt-tolerant) vegetation. On the seawards fringes these usually include a pioneer zone of Suaeda maritima and species Salicornia, while the dominant species in the mid-marsh zones is usually the common saltmarsh grass Puccinellia maritima. Other common species in this zone include Aster tripolium and Atriplex portulacoides. In the landward transition zones the grass Elytrigia atherica is typically present. Spartina maritima Small Cord-Grass (Poaceae) is one of the few endemic species.


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