Included here is a series of subantarctic islands comprising the Kerguelen Islands, Marion Island, Prince Edward Islands, Crozet Islands, Heard Islands, McDonald Island, Saint Paul Island and Amsterdam Island.

Kerguelenian Crassula maritime cliff formations

Restricted to areas strongly influenced by salt-spray this vegetation is mainly characterized by the presence of the two succulent species Crassula moschata and Cotula plumosa. In the most saline areas just above high tide few other species apart from Ranunculus biternatus are found, but where groundwater permeates surface soil providing some freshwater influence species such as Callitriche antarctica and the mosses Clasmatocolea vermicularis and Eriopus apiculatus make their appearance. Areas strongly exposed to wind are typified by an increased frequency of the cushion plants Azorella selago and the endemic Colobanthus kerguelensis (Caryophyllaceae). Other species found scattered within the Crassula zone are Agrostis magellanica and various endemic bryophytes like Distichophyllum imbricatum, Lophocolea randii and Philonotis angustifolia, while On Iles Kerguelen the endemic Ranunculus pseudotrullifolius (Ranunculaceae) may be encountered growing in close association with Crassula moschata and Cotula plumosa.


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