Included here all of the lowlands and semi-uplands of central Chile from Coquimbo in the north to the Peninsula de Taitao in the south, together with many associated islands and several contiguous parts of Argentina. The coastal lowlands experience a Mediterranean-type climate. The local name for chaparral-type vegetation is matorral.

Chilean Matorral

This type of chaparral shrubs includes small trees, cactus and bromeliads. Typical species include Lithraea venenosa, Quillaja saponaria, the cactus Echinopsis chiloensis and bromeliads of genus Puya. The understory includes a diverse assemblage of herbs, vines and geophytes.

Chilean Coastal Matorral

Coastal Matorral is dwarf scrubland that extends soutth from La Serena to Valparaiso in the south. Characteristic species include Adesmia microphylla, Bahia ambrosioides and Fuchsia lycioides. Coastal matorral has a similar physiognomy to Mediterranean garrigue.

Chilean endemics associated with matorral including Gomortega keule, Jubaea chilensis, Nothofagus alessandrii and Pitavia punctata.