Included here is Sulawesi (formerly Celebes) and its neighbouring islands.

Sulawesian Peatswamp Forest

The only major area of peatswamp on Sulawesi is the Aopa Swamp 100 km west of Kenderi. In the undisturbed areas these rich forests reaching heights of up to 35 m. Strangling figs are common, while other trees include Artocarpus teysmannii, Baeckia frutescens, Calophyllum soulattri, Diospyros malabarica, Geunsia paloensis, Hopea gregaria, Premna foetida and Saccopetalum horsfieldii. There are also many palms including species of Arenga and Livistona and climbers are common. Epiphytes, on the other hand, are comparatively rare, but the undergrowth includes a varied assemblage of herbaceous species.


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