Qualitatively other demands are made to term paper. The writing the course is provided by the educational standard only in special subjects. Within an academic year only one term paper is written. As a rule, it is considered, that the first-year student is yet ready ­ to this kind of activity and consequently course ­ works are included into the curriculum since the second year. On a final year instead of the course degree ­ work is written.

Course is present student’s scientific ­ research. As it is written in a special subject or on the specialisation chosen by the student, its appointment in finding out, how much last ­ has seized skills of independent scientific ­ activity. For this reason freedom of the student in ­ working out of a theme course in any way do not limit. Using ­ councils of the supervisor of studies and the literature picked up by it, the student within several months ­ passes a preparatory stage of work and writes the text ­ which then hands over to the head for perusal and an estimation. On the second and third courses ­ the estimation is brought in the test book ­ for course, exposed ­ by the head personally. On the fourth (or prefinal) a course in many high schools protection by students of term papers and projects on specialisation chair practises. Such protection – as though dress rehearsal of protection of the diploma. The estimation exposed by teaching collective of chair following the results of protection is brought in the test book.

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As term paper is already samostojatel-scientific research, its theme should be actual from the point of view of a modern condition of a science. Concerning a choice of a theme of written work we already resulted councils above. We will notice only, that in introduction to term paper the urgency chosen themes should be convincingly proved.

There are some distinctions in requirements of different types shown to term papers. So if you write the work of theoretical character which does not have an exit in practice, it is necessary to build its structure in appropriate way. In the work beginning is better to place the head in whom the condition of the domestic and foreign scientific literature on a research theme will be shined, the comparative analysis of the existing points of view, techniques of studying of a theme is carried out. Work of practical character, as a rule, shares on two basic heads, first of which is devoted a statement of teoretiko-methodological bases of research, and the second represents a practical part of the last and can be supplied by schedules, drawings, tables and other necessary illustrative material. Work of skilled-experimental character also has an introduction teoretiko-methodological part which the statement of conditions, methods and an experiment course follows, generalisation and interpretation of the received results.

Despite of all typological distinctions, any term paper should be under construction according to existing canons and to have the developed plan-table of contents introduction, the basic part consisting usually from two heads, and the conclusion. The approximate volume of work as a whole should make roughly 15-30 printing pages. From this volume about 10 % usually occupies introduction, from 5 to 10 % – the conclusion.

Introduction necessarily should be begun with a substantiation of an urgency of a theme, but it should not be too vast and verbose. Nevertheless here your primary goal consists in making its ­ convincing. Is about ­ the situation which have developed in ­ a science of necessity right now to develop this theme. You can there where it is pertinent, ­ to confirm an urgency of the choice and arguments ­ of the social plan, to prove it from the point of view of the collected ­ social problems, etc.

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Further it is necessary to stop on the description of degree ­ of a readiness of a theme in the scientific literature. Here it is necessary ­ to result names of the basic sources, ­ to characterise developed approaches and methods, to note and estimate the individual contribution to working out of a problem of various scientists. At the same time it is necessary to show, that else remains undeveloped in it so that it was clear,­ for what purpose personally you for it undertake.

Then it is necessary to pass to difficult enough stage – the formulation of the purpose and problems of the work. This formulation ­ should be whenever possible accurate and short. Its value – to define strategy and tactics napisa thite works. The unconditional requirement to the text course is conformity of the formulated purpose and ­ performance of tasks in view.

At last, it is necessary to concern methodology and ­ research methods­. It will be enough simple them to name, the new part of term paper is devoted the decision introduction of problems. Usually basically it is allocated two, three heads are more rare, each of which carries out the function in the general logic of a statement.

The conclusion contains the works made the author you waters, research results. It is good, if in the end of ­ the conclusion you stop on the further prospects of research of the given theme. It can serve as a reserve for a writing of the following course and the diploma; ache works.

After the conclusion there is a list of the used literature which should be made according to the established requirements about which we will talk later. If in work there are appendices, they are made out on single sheets and they should be numbered.

It is necessary to remember, that, unlike essays, reports and control, to term paper makes the demand at least relative the independent. Independence of a statement which ­ is desirable in all listed cases Means not,­ scientific thought – how much it supposes level of professionalism of the student. Certainly, from student’s work nobody demands level of the dissertation which assumes presence in the text of the valid novelty aspects, not trivial theses, etc. However the student in the term paper should show, how much it has seized initial skills of scientific thinking. Simply competently a problem problem Statement for this purpose is quite enough to put is already the first step in a science.

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Besides, term paper is written not once during training. From the second on the fourth year inclusive you will annually write and hand over to the head such works, and, naturally, requirements to them will increase. Work of the senior student is without five minutes the diploma while on the second year your work will accept indulgently, considering it as first attempt at writing. Therefore the most reasonable-from the very beginning to undertake one theme and, consistently deepening a problematics, to develop it throughout all years of study as a result to write on it and research paper. Moreover, if the volume and quality of the saved up material and if you have such desire allows, you can continue subsequently working out of this theme in ­ the dissertation.

Ready term paper surrenders on chair. According to existing rules the supervisor of studies should prove the mark put down to its in the written review. If the course undergoes protection procedure on chair ­ results of discussion and the exposed estimation ­ are entered in the minutes faculty meetings.

Criteria of an estimation of term paper are ­ the urgency of the chosen theme, depth of development of a material, quality of selection and use of sources, degree of independence of conclusions, the general culture of a statement.